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How it all began...

When Georgie and I made the decision to divorce, we had no idea how to even explain this to our children. Using advice from therapists we wrote a short story about two turtles that met, fell in love, got married, had children, and ultimately went their separate ways. Over the next few months, some of our friends and their friends asked to borrow the story to explain to their children. A year later, we decided to create a proper book to help others in the same position, and so, Sea and Sand was born. In the last 6 years, through word of mouth Sea and Sand has helped thousands of families around the world to come to terms with their new life.

Divorce is never easy, and with so many complications along the way, Sea and Sand will help open the doors to honest explanations and allow children some sense of security through the turmoil.

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When parents decide to end a relationship, explaining this to our children can be the hardest conversation to start. Sea and Sand was written to help parents broach the topic, and give them an easy to understand way of starting to come to terms with this journey. This book will help children to understand that the end is not always the end, and that they will always be loved by their parents, no matter where life takes them.



A simple read along book to help start the discussion

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